Add a Small Round Tag to Your Birth Designs Necklace

$ 14.00


Product Details

This size of tag is approximately 15mm - which roughly translates to 1/2" diameter. This listing includes customization of your tag.


The only real question is if your request fits the tag!  Just ask if you're not sure =)  We will always work with you to get the look and feel you want.

Available in all of our Finishes, most of our Fonts, and most of our Symbols.

Rest Assured - if there is any issue at all with your choices, we will contact you for further direction before we finish the piece.

♥ This item is hand-stamped, and the letters will not be perfectly straight - it's part of the charm of this artisan item :) Additionally, stamping is a much deeper impression, and also blackened, to be much more visible than traditional engraving. It will last longer, and will not "rub off" like some engraving. We have other hand-stamped items available in our store, if you would like to see more examples.

♥ Please remember to check our Forging Schedule, as most custom items take about 2 weeks before shipping.  If you need it for a specific date, please contact me to ensure it's possible.

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