Forging Schedule

Birth Designs Bonnie Swensrud Silversmith

Current forging/production schedule is about 2 weeks from time of order to time of shipping.

FORGING TIME is how long it takes us to make a particular item. Every single piece is sawn, hammered, stamped, pierced, filed, oxidized, buffed, and finished by hand - right here. We take great pride in our work, and even though our processes might be a bit slower, they are time-honored with classic proven quality. If you want the best hand-hewn look, you have come to the right place.

Need it by a certain date or time SOONER than what you see here?  Please contact me if you'd like to ensure we can make and send it in time.

We are a real family, working for you!!

This is a family operation, and we work hard to make your order with skill, love, and a dash of blessing.  Realize we sometimes have hiccups in our timing due to unforeseeable happenings... but we will always try to communicate and work with you!  We are trying to bring back the one-on-one relationships of artisan days past... we look forward to helping you and making a gift just like you were imagining.

If you need it by a certain date, we cannot guarantee that unless you've contacted us and/or purchased guaranteed delivery shipping (ie, overnight).

Also consider expedited shipping options when you check out.  Please note, the SHIPPING time does not change the FORGING time.  So, expedited shipping would still occur after the item is forged.