Please keep in mind that not all fonts can be used on all pieces.  Always check the descriptions to see which fonts may be available for your selection.  

Remember, all of our lettering is placed and hammered one at a time by hand.  It will never be perfectly straight. This is considered part of the charm of these artisan items - and yours will never be exactly the same as anyone else's! Additionally, stamping is a much deeper impression, and also blackened, to be much more visible than machine engraving. We have hundreds of photos of hand-stamped items available in our store, if you would like to see more examples.

CLASSIC ALL CAPS:  This is a relatively small font, very basic and easy to read.


 CONCISE: This is a medium sized font.  It is sans serif and very readable.


 POETRY:  This is a smaller font, EXCEPT the tails of the letters - such as y, h, g, t, d, etc.  It requires at least 6mm of surface to keep from clipping off portions of the tails.  It is less readable and more artistic.  Great for more private messages.


 TINY SCRIPT: This is a small font, great for narrower pieces or where you want to include a lot of text.  It's fairly easily readable.



 ASHBERRY:  This is a smallish-to-medium font that has a handwritten look.  It's fairly readable and very popular on both men's and women's pieces.


TINY ELEGANT CAPS:  This is a small font with a classy, narrow lettering except for a few key letters, such as C, O, G, R, and D.  


 MICRO CAPS:  Another small font, a custom handwritten capital letters only font. Awesome for both men and women's pieces, where you want to fit a lot of text but still have it readable.


 FAIRY TALE:  This is a medium size font, kind of dainty and decorative.


RENAISSANCE:  This font is a custom and small to medium sized.  It is more difficult to read because of the decorative letters.  Great for both men's and women's pieces.  Lends an "Ye Olde Tyme" feel to any piece.


 TYPEWRITER:   This is a medium sized font that looks exactly as it sounds, with the familiar serif typewriter style letters.


FRENCH BAKERY:  This super-tiny font should only be used on certain pieces and when readability isn't important unless you are up-close.  The letters vary from a miniscule .5mm to 1mm.


 SERENDIPITY:  This is a small-to-medium sized font with a cursive look.  It is fairly readable.


 KYRIE:  This is a small to medium font with a simple caligraphic, yet handwritten look to it.  Medium readability.


 TINY BORDEAUX:   This small font is similar to a basic Helvetica or Arial, but is very small.  Great when you want a large amount of readable text in lower case.  Very hard to get "straight".


 RETRO SCRIPT:  This is a medium to large font, needing at least 5mm width in order for the letters to fit properly.  It has a flowing, chiseled edge semi-cursive look.

Retro Script Font Birth Designs           

 VARSITY MONOGRAM:  This large font is reminiscent of Varsity "letters".  It is an outline style.  All uppercase or numbers available.


 TYPEWRITER MONOGRAM:  This large font is used on widths of at least 8mm.  It is often used for initials or words that are to be emphasized.

Typewriter Monogram Birth Designs

BUTTERFLY MONOGRAM:  This large uppercase-only font has fancy script letters.  They look great as single initials.

  Butterfly Monogram Birth Designs         ButterflyMonogram Birth Deisgns 

LEMONADE:  This large font has dots at every letter intersection.  It is quite wide.  Available in uppercase and lowercase.

Lemonade Monogram lemonade

 DISNEYLAND:  This medium-to-large sized font reminded me of the famous amusement park's lettering.  It has a very handwritten look and large capital letters.

Disneyland Font         Disneyland Font Birth Designs

POOH BEAR:  This serif, old-storybook style of font is whimsical and very readable.  It is a larger font, and needs at least 6mm to look right.

Pooh Bear Text          

COOKIE MONSTER:  This larger font is reminiscent of a child's handwriting or perhaps a stick writing in the sand, etc.  It's actually very readable.

Cookie Monster Birth Designs            

VELVETEEN RABBIT:  This font is large, and needs at least a 6-7mm surface.  The uppercase is quite "swirly" and the lower case a handwritten cursive.  Medium readability with a rustic feel.

Velveteen Rabbit Font Birth Designs         

ICONIC:  This large font comes in uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.  It is an outline font that is very readable.  Often used for solo initials or words of emphasis. Below is it used: "Her Children Arise & Call Her Blessed" and "Sky Earth Fire".

ICONIC font           

VIKING RUNES:  As the title suggests this is a full set of Viking Runes.  They are fairly large and need at least 6-7mm to look right.

Viking Runes Birth Designs          Viking Runes Birth Designs